Aigent is on the Right Track

Real-Time Technology and Analytics to Transform the Modern Call Center

The Web Summit 2019, Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace was held in Lisbon last November. Aigent’s Tools Engineer Vijaylaxmi Manoharan represented Aigent to get updates on the current tech trends, connect with like-minded people in the tech world, learn and bring as much knowledge and fresh ideas to Aigent. Aigent is a software that listens to and understands calls in real-time between customers and call center agents, and intervenes when needed to help the agents provide quick and accurate resolution to customer inquiries and requests.

The event brought together world-class speakers, promising startups, international media, and tech investors from all over the world. People from all sorts of backgrounds gathered together to network and share their ideas, their vision of the future, their enthusiasm, and their passion.

“I had a chance to listen to many interesting talks that inspired and gave a fresh look on all current happenings in the tech world. The product demos were a major highlight. I was in awe of the innovation, creativity and knowledge that was put in all these products.” VJ shared.

“I attended most of the discussions hosted by AWS. They showcased all the products that they offer from UI/UX, Data Lake, and Machine Learning Domain. What really impressed and motivated me was the recent technology that cloud-based companies offer to fix the issues of current software versions. The Data Lake sessions that discussed current tech trends just proved that Aigent is on the right track as we implement and build our own Data Lake with open source solutions.”

“This event has definitely been an interesting experience! It was great to see the current tech trends and an honor to meet new people and powerful minds in the tech world.”


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