Aigent Launches AI Solution for Bank Mobile, a Leading Banking Platform

Real-Time Technology and Analytics to Transform the Modern Call Center

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New York, NY — November 9, 2020

Aigent, the leading artificial intelligence driven solution for customer call centers, today announced that BankMobile has signed a multi-year agreement to deploy its solution, making it the first customer to do so. Bank Mobile is one the largest digital banking platforms in the U.S. and provides access to checking and savings accounts, personal loans, credit cards, and financial wellness. With several hundred call centers, the company was seeking a new solution that could not only create greater efficiencies and deliver results, but also monitor call center interactions for compliance purposes. 

“This is the perfect fit for us,” said Casey McGuane, Executive Vice President at Aigent. “Bank Mobile is a cutting-edge company that is always looking for new ways to create greater efficiencies in its call center operations.”  

Aigent’s technology will enable BankMobile’s agents to listen to calls in real time. Managers can use this information to analyze agent performance such as responsiveness and call etiquette and to ensure that agents adhere to compliance requirements. With speech analytics, Bank Mobile can flag compliance concerns in real time and improve customer satisfaction by reducing average handle time and increasing first call resolution, for example. 

“BankMobile is always seeking to do better and to identify new technologies that enable the company to do so,” said McGuane. Sebastian Lagemann, CTO, added “Our technology is always present: it’s live and in real time and ensures that an agent won’t miss something that’s important to relay to a manager. This is something that will really help BankMobile and other companies in the future.”  

Aigent’s platform is a game changing technology for call centers. Increasingly, call centers are becoming more complex, with agents required to not only understand a customer’s mood and behaviors, but also ensure that regulatory compliance requirements are met. 

Aigent’s technology cuts through these complexities by equipping agents with greater information. By providing real-time feedback on customer response, analytics to identify when intervention is needed, and in-depth analysis of call data to improve performance, Aigent’s platform is transforming today’s call center.

About Aigent

Aigent is a Live Voice AI Saas platform that quickly and easily connects to most existing premise or cloud-based telephony systems and provides real-time, content-based guidance to call center agents. Detecting opportunities during a live call, Aigent helps agents deepen customer relationships while supporting corporate client objectives to generate new and protect existing revenue. Designed for Inbound and Outbound calls; Customer Service, Support, and Sales, Onsite, and Work From Home. Our platform natively supports English and can be customized to support any language.

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