Aigent Launches Real-Time Transcription Tool for Clients on its AI Platform

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New York, NY — April 19, 2021

Aigent, the leading artificial intelligence driven solution for customer call centers, today announced it has launched Transcription IQ, a real-time transcription tool that coverts voice data, including customer service interactions and outbound sales calls, into searchable text to deliver valuable insights for call centers.

“Transcriptions are the most important component to deliver content-based messaging to agents,” said Sebastian Lagemann, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Aigent. “With Transcription IQ we’re able to obtain valuable insights, and an in-depth understanding and knowledge of what’s going on in the call center in real-time.” 

Transcriptions are available instantaneously, so agents have access to data once a call concludes.  Managers and other stakeholders in the business can quickly understand customer interactions, and any challenges in their call center programs. Armed with this data, they can quickly address any issues they need to with agents.

Transcription IQ allows call center managers and compliance teams to access detailed call information in real time. They can view information such as the name of the agent who took the call, length of the call, and track the entire conversation, since each speaker is clearly identified. The transcript is fully searchable and can automatically highlight areas in which the call center agent was helpful. The transcript can be exported, so managers can work directly with agents and review calls and provide coaching.

“Transcription IQ can dramatically streamline the quality assurance process,” said Casey McGuane, Executive Vice President at Aigent. “Now call center supervisors and agents can quickly perform quality checks. By being able to see how a call went in real time, we can make the review process much easier and effective. “If a customer was upset, we can see it in the transcript right away, and find out what went wrong, so the customer experience can be better the next time,” he said. 

About Aigent

Aigent is a Live Voice AI Saas platform that quickly and easily connects to most existing premise or cloud-based telephony systems and provides real-time, content-based guidance to call center agents. Detecting opportunities during a live call, Aigent helps agents deepen customer relationships while supporting corporate client objectives to generate new and protect existing revenue. Designed for Inbound and Outbound calls; Customer Service, Support, and Sales, Onsite, and Work From Home. Our platform natively supports English and can be customized to support any language.

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