Aigent’s second year at #Money2020USA

Real-Time Technology and Analytics to Transform the Modern Call Center

Three weeks ago, Dave Lampert, President of Aigent, attended Money2020 in Las Vegas. Money2020 is one of the top global conferences for the financial services and fintech industry. It’s held every year and it’s the premier conference for everyone associated with financial technology. 

We asked Dave to share his experience and some photos from the event. 


How was it like attending one of the biggest events in the financial industry? 

It’s a jam-packed but valuable three days of expert panels, startup pitches, networking events and keynotes from industry speakers. For Aigent, it’s a great way to connect with forward-looking people and companies looking for innovative solutions for the financial industry. There were also thoughtful discussions about what’s next at the intersection of financial services and technology. Striking up a conversation was a breeze, and everyone was approachable. 


How did you showcase Aigent during the conference?

We had our booth in Startup City, happily situated in a strategic location with good amount of foot traffic. Having sent out plenty of advance emails and meeting invites, we were able to meet with dozens of potential customers for Aigent.  Another group we spent a fair bit of time with at the show were VCs, both independent and company venture funds, who are all on the lookout for the next great products and companies in the fintech world.

Leading up to the event, we developed a presentation about what Aigent is and how we can help transform fintech and financial service call center operations. We showed some demos on how our system works and gave out brochures with more details about Aigent. Some Aigent swag also left the booth in the pockets of our new friends. 


How did you make the most of the networking opportunity? 

Before the event we tried to research who’s coming, connect and arrange meetings before the conference even started. We invited interesting folks to visit our booth and learn more about Aigent. 

Additionally there were plenty of Money2020 breakfasts, lunches and cocktail hours, along with parties hosted by different sponsors and exhibitors.  There’s also a big party for everyone, Industry Night, this year featuring Robin Thicke. Aigent sister company Ubiquity also hosted an exclusive event where we connected with old friends and made some new ones as well.


What’s your overall impression on #Money2020 2019?

Great event, and the atmosphere had a good vibe to it, making  it easy to meet people. Fantastic opportunity for young startup companies like Aigent to establish partnerships and connect. 

To everyone who dropped by the Aigent booth, thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you, and we look forward to working together and partnering in the future. 


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