Better Calls by Design

With an artificial intelligence platform that listens to live voice calls, agents get real-time guidance to deliver the best customer experience imaginable.


Build a better, intelligent, and more powerful call center.

Aigent is an all-in-one technology solution that works with your contact center telephony system to listen to live calls and immediately help agents help your customers better, faster, and smarter.

  • Seamless Integration

    Aigent seamlessly integrates into your existing CRM and telephony solutions–on premise or in the cloud

  • Bank-grade Security

    All data is AES-256 end-to-end encrypted, and our platform is PCI-DSS Level 1-certified, and SOC 2-compliant

  • Custom Speech Model

    Designed specifically for contact center customer support and two way agent-customer conversations

  • Proprietary Language Processing

    Intent detection and clustering, sentiment analysis and emotion detection give agents a comprehensive view of the customer’s state of mind

  • Machine Deep Learning

    Aigent continuously learns, optimizes, and improves with each customer interaction

No matter how complex your products or services–or how many iterations there are–Aigent will save your agents time, make your business more efficient, and increase customer satisfaction. With the power of AI built for call centers, Aigent can transform your teams into servicing superheroes.

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Listening and Learning in Real Time

We put artificial intelligence to work on the biggest issues facing contact centers. By focusing on content and context, our advanced machine learning technology listens to live calls and helps agents perform their best every single time.


Proprietary Voice Speech Model Made for Two-Way Conversations

For artificial intelligence to work well, you need accurate data. When we created Aigent, we scrutinized every off-the-shelf speech recognition model we could find (and that many competitors use). They were averaging a word error rate (WER) of 45%, so we built our own. 

Designed specifically for contact center customer support, our proprietary speech recognition model listens to live calls, interprets what the customer needs, and immediately pulls up answers for the agent. Our WER is down to 9.2%. In other words, 90.8% accurate.

Machine Learning for Contact Centers

Created specifically to improve live conversations, the machine learning platform continuously evolves with new data from every call (anonymized and void of PII) to drive better agent performance, better experiences for your customers, and better economics for your business. 


Aigent AI NLU Core

In any conversation words are only part of the story. Aigent’s NLU (Natural Language Understanding) Core goes beyond content with intent detection and clustering, sentiment analysis, and emotion detection to give agents a comprehensive view of the customer’s state of mind. 

Agents receive alerts and next-best actions to make sure they’re responding to customer mood accordingly, whether it’s escalating a call, offering a rebate or coupon to upset customers, or cross-selling or upselling satisfied customers.

Putting Insights into Action

The power of the platform is not that it listens to live calls but that it uses what it hears to help agents solve customer problems quickly and accurately.


Real-time Coach

What if every new agent had a seasoned pro next to them on every call? With Aigent, that’s essentially what our machine learning algorithms provide. Delivering the most pertinent advice and guidance in the moment translates to faster resolution and better outcomes.

No more rote memorization or time spent searching for FAQs, pricing and product descriptions, churn mitigation and loyalty/retention offers. Everything an agent needs to help customers (and reduce handle time) is at their fingertips.

Process Genie

No matter how complex your products, services or process–or how often they change–your agents will be able to perform like experts. An unlimited, cloud-based scenario library empowers agents to handle hundreds of call types easily and accurately, improving the customer experience, and increasing operational efficiency. 

With the best actions popping up on their screens in real-time, agents resolve issues faster, reduce repeat calls, drive future self-service, and take advantage of upsell opportunities. 

A built-in knowledge database (or an API integration into your own)  sifts through dozens or even hundreds of options, making it seamless for agents of any experience level to support myriad programs or unique brands as if each one were their specialty.


Call Monitor

Reduces regulatory complaints by detecting trigger words and sentiments likely to lead to grievances, then provides tips for disarming the situation or routing a call to the appropriate team before it’s too late. 

Aigent’s active listening technology immediately detects and corrects an agent who goes off-script for required information; listens for data agents shouldn’t disclose or request; and detects suspicious activity, phishing, and fraud attempts. Call Monitor keeps calls compliant and informative.

Transcription IQ

With Aigent automatically transcribing your calls (minus sensitive data) into a searchable database, quality assurance and compliance audits are much more efficient, accurate, and actionable. Transcription IQ also suggests calls to review for quality and audit purposes and uses metadata from across your enterprise to detect trends impacting your operation.


Aigent Central

Your command center for the platform features Cortex, our dashboard and analytics hub, where you can measure progress and proficiency with a real-time view of your call data and agent interactions with Aigent. Scenario Editor allows you to create and test new scenarios in real-time and configure the messages you want agents to receive for each scenario. Review conversation analysis and optimize your scenarios and Process Genie proactive guidance to continually improve agent performance.

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