Say Goodbye to Hold Time, Hello to Customer Satisfaction

Making your customers happy just got easier (and faster).


Your customer experience is only as good as your weakest agent.

With a constantly revolving door of new agents in most call centers–average attrition worldwide is 68%–that puts your business at serious risk. Especially when you consider that it takes agents anywhere from three months to a full year to become proficient in serving your customers

And, even if your retention rate is high, chances are you’re onboarding temporary agents to address seasonal volume spikes or your team is growing as you scale your business. Whatever your situation, the status quo isn’t going to cut it with today’s consumers.


We built an artificial intelligence platform specifically designed for call centers that makes every agent–no matter how new–perform like a seasoned pro. Our Process Genie delivers proactive, pertinent information to agents based on the content of live conversations to help agents service customers more effectively and with more confidence.

Rather than post-call analytics that show you what went wrong after the fact, Aigent is designed to address issues before they become problems.


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