No Risk, All Reward

Our AI-powered platform gives you and your customers peace of mind by delivering real-time answers agents need while reducing regulatory risks associated with customer complaints.

Consumer complaints cost U.S. banks and financial services firms billions of dollars a year, but the cost of customer dissatisfaction can be even higher. Reputational risk from unhappy customers is more pronounced in the digital age when consumers are more likely to air their grievances on social media.

Aigent minimizes such risks by detecting trigger words and immediately sending prompts and tips for de-escalating the situation or transferring the call to a manager before the situation gets out of hand.

The four pillars of our platform–Real-time Coach, Process Genie, Call Monitor and Transcription IQ–drive performance results that improve all the metrics that matter.

Lowering average handle time

Increasing customer satisfaction or NPS

Improving quality

Reducing regulatory complaints

Increasing lifetime customer value

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