Member Engagement Matters

In healthcare, member experience, and member satisfaction are critical to your competitiveness and your bottom line.


Delivering the best experience for your members starts with the best agents. But healthcare is complex and personal. Agents must be equipped not only with the information they need but also the soft skills–especially empathy–to make sure members feel cared for.

Enter artificial intelligence.

Built specifically for call centers, the Aigent platform listens to calls in real-time and gives your agents everything they need to perform their best, driving member loyalty, increasing efficiency, and boosting your profitability.

Aigent guides agents through hundreds of plan types, coverage options and situations like when and how to mitigate a grievance, when to correctly file a grievance, or how to best handle appeals and claims.

Monitor and improve all inbound and outbound calls, in real time with technology that gets smarter with every interaction.

Ready to see Aigent in action?