Every voice call,
enhanced by AI

Make every agent an expert.

Real-time agent assistance on customer calls

Aigent is live voice AI software that listens to live contact center voice calls and provides immediate on-screen prompts and alerts that help:

Resolve customer problems on the first call

Protect against fraud, compliance risks, and complaints

Provide high-quality customer service every time

Train and retain highly effective agents

Why choose Aigent?

Industry-leading accuracy

Aigent’s proprietary language processing technology has been trained with over 25 million minutes (that’s 48 years!) of voice dialog processed since 2017, allowing Aigent to better understand complex and unpredictable inbound customer calls in high tech businesses.

Every call is translated to text in real-time with 92% speech accuracy, the industry’s highest level available in the English language. These transcriptions are easily searchable for quality control and compliance audits.

Higher value agent assistance

Aigent is trained to comprehend unique and complex financial services industry phrasing, terminology, and fraud and compliance risk signals to deliver more relevant and helpful guidance to the agent.

Agent feedback helps continuously learn and train algorithms to deliver more effective agent prompts, and allows Aigent to support unique business scenarios, unexpected changes, and trends over time.

Aigent users rate 98-100% of agent prompts effective.

Actionable insights

Aigent’s dashboard gives you insight on inbound call types, detailed insight on agent performance and call handling, and can flag sentiment, possible regulatory complaints, and other critical topics.

All call transcripts are stored with the related voice recording for quick access and export by contact center QA teams or to support regulator audits.

Secure and scalable

Aigent’s global, cloud-native architecture meets strict industry data privacy requirements, scales automatically to meet high demand, and provides the lowest level of latency possible, while ensuring best-in-class uptime.

Aigent provides on-premise as well as Cloud ACS integrations.

What customers say about Aigent