Ubiquity Global Services, Inc. Announces the Launch of Aigent, an Artificial Intelligence-Driven Solution for Customer Call Centers

Real-Time Technology and Analytics to Transform the Modern Call Center

Aigent logotype

New York, NY — July 3, 2017 

Ubiquity Global Services, Inc., a leading business process outsourcing and advisory solution for customer service, technology, and operations, announced today the launch of Aigent, Inc., an artificial intelligence-driven solution for customer call centers.

Aigent — which has been launched by Ubiquity as an independent company — was originally incubated within Ubiquity to build an innovative platform designed specifically for call centers. Using artificial intelligence, speech recognition and national language processing, the platform is designed to optimize agent performance by addressing service breakdowns that can have an adverse effect on customer experience and brand loyalty.

Corey Besaw, Ubiquity’s Chief Innovation Officer, spearheaded the incubation of Aigent. Besaw said, “As we look at the call center industry, we see human interactions with customers growing increasingly complex. With greater regulatory oversight in areas such as financial services, that complexity now presents a greater level of risk.”

Aigent’s platform easily connects to existing premise or cloud-based telephony systems and provides real-time, content-based guidance to call center agents. By enabling call center agents and managers to detect opportunities during a live call, Aigent helps to deepen customer relationships while supporting corporate client objectives focused on retaining customers and generating new revenues. The technology improves upon prior work in automation, which was largely focused on chat, and which has limitations in highly regulated industries such as financial services and insurance.

Continued Besaw, “You may have agents who may not have tenure supporting highly complex, high-risk interactions. By listening to these conversations in real time, we can guide agents in the right direction and help them get it right. This means there is less risk for companies and opportunities to have better interactions with customers.”

Ray Iglesias, Executive Chairman of Ubiquity, takes on an additional role at the helm of Aigent as Founder and CEO. “We have long-held a commitment to technology and innovation at Ubiquity to meet our client’s changing needs.  We see the creation of Aigent as an extension of that commitment and look forward to sharing in Aigent’s growth as it applies new software applications to the call center industry,” said Iglesias.

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