Customer Service, Better.

Aigent is artificial intelligence that listens to live voice calls and instantly displays the best response or action for the agent to take.

It’s like having an expert supervisor on every call.

AI built for call centers

Aigent technology makes every agent an expert.

Whether you’re addressing the typical high turnover of customer support roles or trying to manage seasonal volume, an almost constant influx of new agents can lead to service breakdowns that jeopardize your customer experience and loyalty. 

Research shows it can take several months or even a year before agents are performing at a proficient level, much less delivering the world-class support your customers demand. That’s where Aigent comes in.

The Aigent platform seamlessly integrates with existing telephony and CRM systems, actively listening to calls and helps agents perform their best, in real-time.

Developing proficient agents is key

Onboarding, training, and continuing education of call center agents is no small feat—But doing it correctly can drive meaningful results in performance and satisfaction critical to your business

0 %
of call center agents take up to a year to become proficient
0 %
of call center supervisors say that less than half of their agents become highly proficient
0 %
of call center leaders cite lack of product knowledge as a key onboarding challenge

Aigent's real-time guidance delivers real-time results

Our platform features four core tools to help agents in the moment to make every interaction quicker, more informed, and compliant

Real-time Coach

Nesting never really ends with Aigent supplying the most pertinent advice, guidance, and information as soon as an agent needs it—translating to faster and more accurate resolutions and more satisfied customers.

Process Genie

Complex programs, terms or features are no match for Aigent. Our unlimited, cloud-based scenario library and built-in knowledge database can instantaneously sift through dozens or even hundreds of options. That means agents of any experience level can support myriad programs or unique brands as if each one were their specialty.

Call Monitor

Detecting trigger words and sentiments likely to lead to complaints, the platform immediately provides tips for disarming the situation or routing the call to the appropriate team before it’s too late.

Transcription IQ

Data analytics just got easier. Automatic call transcription into a searchable database (without sensitive data) makes quality assurance and compliance audits much more efficient, accurate and actionable.

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With the power of AI built for call centers, Aigent transforms your agents into service superheroes.